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Would you like a health report on your breeding stock?

Do you know the pestivirus status of your heifers? Have your stock been exposed to leptospirosis? Or could ovine brucellosis be reducing your lambing rates?

Central Tablelands Local Land Services is looking for cattle and sheep properties willing to take part in a breeding stock health check to test for a variety of diseases and mineral imbalances.

This project is building on our local knowledge and will assist in ongoing monitoring of diseases in our region.

“The aim is to optimise the health of breeding stock and maximise production, by surveying for common ailments and infections and preventing them where possible,” explains Central Tablelands Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Lucienne Downs.

“Where health problems are detected we can discuss treatment and management options with the farmer involved,” said Dr Downs.

The research gathered through the program will be used to raise awareness about common livestock health issues and their implications for human and animal health.

“We don’t release any of the individual results to the public, the data collected from all of the tests will be compiled into a report at the end of the program.  We’ll use this information to develop a more detailed understanding of the animal health issues affecting local landholders.”

Central Tablelands Local Land Services will pay for the tests conducted through the Heifer and Ewe Health program to ensure that farmers don’t incur any costs for participation.

“Farmers taking part are also asked to complete a short survey about their farm management practices to assists us in understanding our findings.”

The Heifer and Ewe Health program began in late 2018.  Breeding stock have been screen on almost a dozen properties so far, for conditions such as mineral deficiency, liver fluke, Q fever (coxiellosis, pestivirus, leptospirosis and ovine brucellosis.

“The data generated through these tests will inform discussions on the prevention, management and treatment of zoonotic disease in both livestock and humans.”

Farmers interested in taking part in the Heifer Health and Ewe Health projects, should call Local Land Services District Veterinarian Lucienne Downs 0417 043 966.