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Prepare for bush fires


Following the devastating bush fires across NSW this past week, Central Tablelands Local Land Services is reminding landholders to ensure they are prepared for the challenging summer months ahead.

In partnership with NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services is responsible for the coordination of agriculture and animal services in emergencies such as bush fires and floods.

Landholders should ensure they have a fire plan, including one to manage livestock and animals in the event of a bush fire, says Central Tablelands Local Land Services Emergency Management Coordinator, Emilee Johnstone.

“Being prepared for a bush fire can help landholders protect themselves, their livestock and their property,” said Ms Johnstone.

“If landholders have a plan in place and a bush fire alert is issued, they will know what steps they need to take to give their livestock the best chance for survival.”

Bush fire survival plan templates are available from the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW DPI website contains useful information to assist landholders prepare for their animals before an emergency.

In periods of very high fire danger rating, it is recommended that landholders implement measures to reduce impacts to their property and business. Ideally:

  • livestock should be moved to a cleared paddock, irrigated pasture, or yards with a cleared or ploughed perimeter
  • horses should be transported off the property early or agisted if they can’t be kept safe during a bush fire
  • care should be taken with horses so they are not locked in an area where they may panic and hurt themselves. A large sand yard is suitable if there are no flammable buildings or vegetation nearby
  • livestock should be easily identifiable in the event fences are destroyed and stock escape

During times of heightened bush fire risk Central Tablelands Local Land Services encourages landholders to:

  • keep an eye on the weather
  • familiarise themselves with the Rural Fire Service’s fire danger ratings and bush fire alert levels
  • be aware of fire bans and restrictions
  • download useful apps, such MyFirePlan, Fires Near Me and Live Traffic NSW
  • listen to local radio for updates in their area

Local Land Services helps support landholders to plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from biosecurity emergencies and natural disasters. For more information visit

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