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Abercrombie pig trapping


More than 120 feral pigs have been trapped and removed from the Upper Abercrombie area south east of Bathurst in just the past two months, helping to protect farms and the natural environment from a serious pest threat.

The Saving our Species pig trapping project, coordinated by Central Tablelands Local Land Services and funded through the NSW Environmental Trust, is working with landholders and the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) to target key threats to native frog and fish populations in the Upper Abercrombie Catchment.

This collaborative approach to feral species management is also tackling a dire pest problem facing drought affected farmers.

Pigs are notorious for damaging habitat along creeks and rivers, through rooting and wallowing behaviour, and they will feed on small native animals and their eggs and offspring.

Feral pigs also pose a threat to cattle and sheep production, spreading disease, competing with stock for feed, eating young lambs, and polluting water in dams, creeks and rivers.

During a tough season when costs and stresses are already high, Central Tablelands Local Land Services has supplied farmers with traps, cameras, and grain to help trap marauding pigs.

“In partnership with NPWS, we have also employed a pest animal contractor to trap pigs on public land,” said Central Tablelands Local Land Services officer, Mark Simpson.

“The pest animal contractor provides strategic support for the efforts of private landholders to increase the effectiveness of landscape scale pest control activities.”

The trapping project will continue through to the end of the year, targeting the large numbers of pigs that are now congregating around permanent waterways.

Pigs are being trapped on both public and private land, utilising the pest animal contractor as well as National Parks and Local Land Services staff working with landholders.

“Our pest control strategy takes a collaborative approach across an extensive landscape scale, and works to reduce threats to endangered and vulnerable species,” Mr Simpson said.

"We are very keen to work with even more landholders in the Abercrombie area to take advantage of the resources we currently have available for pest animal activities."

Landholders interested in getting involved in coordinated pest animal control are asked to contact Mark Simpson on phone: 0427 355 290.

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