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Wanted - native legume pasture samples

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services is looking for landholders who have native legumes in their pastures to be part of the first survey to be undertaken into such species.

“Many of our native and naturalised paddocks on the Central Tablelands have native legumes as part of their composition. They play a vital role in biodiversity, as well as a legume component in our pastures for livestock,” said Clare Edwards, Senior Lands Services Officer with the Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

“Unfortunately, we know very little about some of the native legumes such as Glycine and Desmodiums or their associated rhizobia and their potential to fix nitrogen.

“This study will investigate the nodulation of these native legumes and record where they are found in the landscape.

Sometimes, we overlook these species even though they can play an important part in our pasture systems,” Ms Edwards said.

“The Desmodiums, often known as native tick-trefoils, and the Glycines are woody year long-green perennials. They are commonly found in our grasslands all year around, however they are more noticeable at the moment due to their flowering at this time of year.

“We are seeking producers who think that they may have these species in their paddocks to call in and register their interest in being part of the study.

“As part of the study, the Local Land Services will be taking plant and root samples from the paddocks, a soil test to correlate soil nutrients and an estimation of the composition of the other plants found alongside the native legumes."

For further information and to register your interest as part of the survey please call Clare Edwards on 0428 435 615 or by email

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439 608 370