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Supporting your sub clover based pastures

Subterranean Clover is an important part of the perennial-based pastures in the Bathurst area. A half-day seminar presenting a recent pasture survey will be held on Wednesday 22 March at the Yetholme Community Hall, Hereford Street starting at 10.30 am.

“Our pastures were very wet and waterlogged over Winter-Spring last year, making it perhaps the most exceptional such period that we have experienced for many years,” said seminar organiser Clare Edwards. Ms Edwards is a Senior Lands Services Officer - pastures with the Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

“It was also an opportunity to investigate our sub clover population. Sub clover is an annual legume that many of our perennial grass pastures rely on for fixing nitrogen.”

“Last year, we surveyed 30 paddocks for pasture composition, soil chemistry, nodulation and rhizobia strains” said Ms Edwards. “The seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the combination of these results and what that means for the sustainability of our pastures on the Tablelands”.

We are also fortunate to have Dr Sofie De Meyer from Murdoch University and MALDIID laboratory in Western Australia to present information on the rhizobia strains that we found in the survey. Discussion on the day will also encompass understanding the environment around the rhizobia and implications for their persistence.

“It is hoped that with the knowledge from this survey, and others like it across NSW, we will have a greater appreciation of the implications that soils, management and climate have on the persistence of this legume and its associated rhizobia,” said Ms Edwards.

“While we will look at the results from the survey, the implications are interesting for all producers in the area”.

Funding from the NSW Government enables Central Tablelands Local Land Services to deliver Agricultural Advisory Services for landholders across the region.

The seminar is free and will finish with lunch at 1.00 pm.

Producers are asked to RSVP and for further information please call Clare Edwards on 0428 435 615 or by email to

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439 608 370