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Poisonous plants found in your paddocks

Central Tablelands Local Land Services is holding a short seminar on poisonous plants that are found in pasture and paddocks around the Mudgee area. The seminar will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

Landholders are invited to hear about some of the poisonous principles, what the species look like and the livestock interactions that can occur.

“There are a number of plants found in our pastures that can be a problem. Sometimes they can affect livestock very quickly while others might only show an effect over time,” said seminar organiser Clare Edwards, Senior Land Services Officer - Pastures.

“Being able to recognise them is certainly a start. However, there can be some management options that we can undertake to minimise and avoid the risk.”

Dr Nigel Gillan, District Vet with Central Tablelands Local Land Services in Mudgee said, “The seminar gives us an opportunity to discuss some of the poisonous principles in detail and understand the mechanisms that often occur with these plants.

"At different times of the year, we see potential problems arise. However, occasionally there are unusual suspects. On the day, I will present some of the more frequent diagnoses and a few of the rarer incidents.

“There are a number of management practices that producers can follow to prevent or minimise the risk” said Brett Littler, Senior Lands Services Officer – Livestock who will also be speaking at the seminar.

“Understanding the pasture or crop interaction with livestock is vital in this discussion, and it is something that management can focus on."

The seminar will start at 10 am and run through to noon at the Country Women’s Association Hall, 48 Market Street, Mudgee.

The seminar is free but please registration is essential to the Mudgee Local Lands Services Office on 6378 1700 by Tuesday 14 March.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439 608370