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Landcare Coordinators return home inspired and excited following state conference

Landcare Coordinators from across the Central Tablelands have just returned from the biennial 2017 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference in Albury. The conference celebrates the strong relationship and partnerships between Landcare and Local Land Services and provides an opportunity to extend knowledge to support our communities with their land management goals.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services representatives and community members representing Watershed, Central Tablelands, Lithgow Oberon, Little River, and Mid Lachlan Landcare groups joined the  Landcare Coordinators and all returned inspired about local efforts and projects

Central Tablelands Local Land Services Regional Landcare Facilitator, Liz Davis, says the team are feeling invigorated after a week of networking and celebrating the achievements of Landcare across the State.

“We’ve come home inspired and ready to spur on the many home grown Landcare projects that are currently underway on the Central Tablelands, working with our fantastic local farmers and land managers,” said Liz.

Watershed Landcare’s ‘Nasty Nassella’ Serrated Tussock project is just one example of the great work that’s happening in our region. Coordinated by Watershed Landcare Coordinator, Claudia Wythes, the project is working with landholders to manage this drought resistant, highly invasive grass that is unpalatable to stock and native species, smothers other plant species, and is difficult and costly to control.

“The Nasty Nassella project is capturing and building on the knowledge of experienced landholders as well as supporting those who have had limited experience with serrated tussock,” said Claudia.

Other projects include EWE - Energetic Women in the Environment, which was the brainchild of Little River Landcare Coordinator, Tracey Potts. The first EWE workshop focused on financial literacy for rural women and featured female entrepreneurs working in the rural sector.

“Knowledge is power and our aim is to empower women to feel strong and resilient leading to stronger business that can thrive through turbulent times,” said Tracey.

Central Tablelands Landcare has been focused on putting more paddock trees back into the landscape in the area around Orange and Bathurst. Coordinator Marita Sydes is working with landholders to determine the best location and design of revegetation projects on their farms, whether that’s a cluster of three paddock trees or a more substantial corridor planting.

“Every extra tree is critical in our over cleared landscape as they provide shelter for stock as well as vital habitat for our local bird and animal species,” said Marita.

Lithgow Oberon Landcare Coordinator Rechelle Fisher, is working to reinvigorate on-ground Landcare initiatives through The ‘Community Collaboration' initiative.

After an eight-year absence of a local co-ordinator, Rechelle says it's time to revive the community, strengthen local involvement in on-ground activities and help support the establishment of new Groups.

Meanwhile Mid Lachlan Landcare is currently promoting soil regeneration through their 'Growing the Grazing Revolution' program.

“More than 50 farmers are looking into sustainable and carbon positive pasture cropping and grazing management theories to keep soil hydrated, create diversity to improve stock and microbial health, and enhance photosynthesis and biodiversity in the landscape,” explained Mid Lachlan Coordinator Tracee Burke.

For more information about local Landcare groups and the exciting work being done through Landcare projects in our region contact Central Tablelands Local Land Services Regional Landcare Facilitator, Liz Davis on 0427 452 662.

Landcare Projects on the Central Tablelands are supported by Local Land Services with funding from NSW Catchment Action and the Australian Government's National Landcare Program in partnership with Landcare NSW.


Media contact: Jane Hogan, Central Tablelands Local Land Services 0417 166 479 or 02 6333 2305