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Wild Dog Control - $80,000

A wild dog control project at Oberon has been allocated $82,000 in funding to tackle the growing problem of wild dog management.

The funding has been granted to the Oberon Vertebrate Pest Management Group, an organisation which coordinates wild dog and other pest animal control measures across both Government and private land tenures.

“In recent years wild dog activity has been increasing across this region, with dogs expanding into new home ranges,” said Alistair Gordon-Smith, Senior Biosecurity Officer with Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

“The dogs have attacked sheep on many properties, but are also suspected of attacking calves, alpacas and even horses in this area, so all landholders need to remain vigilant with regards to controlling wild dog activity.”

“Both meat baits and Canid Pest Ejectors (CPE's) have been used as part of the group baiting strategy with the Oberon Vertebrate Pest Management Group.”

“We’ll also follow up with a contract trapping program at key locations where baiting restrictions can’t be met, or where wild dogs become bait shy,” said Alistair Gordon-Smith, Senior Biosecurity Officer with Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

The first round of spring baiting under the project was completed in early September, and further baiting will take place in autumn 2017.

The implementation of a program that integrates a range of different measures to control wild dog numbers, will reduce the frequency of dog attacks on livestock, and mitigate other problems associated with wild dogs such as the risk of disease spread and predation on native species.

Landholder education and training will be provided in the use of toxins for baiting programs, as well as Canid Pest Ejectors and trapping techniques.

“We’ll also be offering instruction in how to use remote cameras to monitor wild dog activity, and collect information to plan control strategies,” said Alistair Gordon-Smith.

"This funding will contribute greatly to building local community resilience after a recent run of dry years which reduced farm profitability and made it more difficult for landholders to fund dog control.”

This project has been funded by the Australian Government through the Pest Animals and Weeds program. A $50 million investment over four years to improve the tools, technologies, information and skills farmers and their communities need to tackle pest animals and weeds.

The funding is part of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, the Australian Government’s plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

The program has supplied $3 million in total to pest and weed management projects across NSW, including the $82,000 allocated to the Oberon Vertebrate Pest Management Group.

Applications for funding were open to landholders, organised groups and Local Land Service regions. Applications were required to demonstrate value for money, long term benefit to land managers, and potential for direct economic stimulus.

For more information about the Oberon Vertebrate Pest Management Group’s Wild Dog Control project, contact Alistair Gordon-Smith on: 02 6350 3110.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439608370