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'The science of soil biology' on display at Cumnock and Bathurst

Farmers have a chance to listen to current research in the field of soil biology at Cumnock Golf Club on the 16th March and at the Bathurst City Community Centre on the 17th March.

With last year being the International Year of Soil, there is a lot of interest in soil biology and its claim to fame as the new frontier in agriculture. Soil Biology has the status of being the “New Frontier” because there are still so many unknowns in this field, but scientists and farmers both believe it could unlock increases in potential yield or improved soil health outcomes.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Senior Land Services Officer for Pastures, Phil Cranney explained that, “I believe it is important that we provide a platform for researchers to communicate their findings directly to the landholders”.

Mr Cranney said that, “often we hear and see from commercial interests claiming potential benefits in soil biology, but by hearing what the scientists have been up to in this field, we provide a balanced conversation for the public to digest and make up their own mind.”

The speakers include, Dr Alan Richardson from CSIRO, Dr Warwick Badgery, BP Singh and Dr Lukas Van Zwieten from NSW DPI.

Topics covered include, management influences on Soil Carbon in NSW, the effects of herbicides on soil biology, soil biology and the nitrogen cycle in cropping systems, and the phosphorus cycle in grazing systems.

There is catering at each event, so it is important to RSVP.

For more information call Phil Cranney on 63637888.02 63

For the Bathurst event call Clare Edwards on 63781709.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439608370