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Local farmer encourages others to benefit from Local Land Services activities

Bathurst farmer, Jilly Blanch, says she’s been extremely impressed with the work of Central Tablelands Local Land Services staff and the valuable information and assistance they provide to farming families and local land managers.

Jilly and her husband Paul run the Brightling Park Poll Merino stud in the Georges Plains near Bathurst, and they are definitely satisfied Local Land Services clients.

“The range of projects and activities offered by Local Land Services has given us the opportunity to constantly broaden our horizons and think about new ideas and strategies we can incorporate on our property.”

“We’ve been farming for more than 40 years but you can always learn something new, and Local Land Services is a great conduit for distributing useful information and new research, particularly online.”

“They also put on some excellent field days and workshops, where you always take home plenty of ideas and inspiration.”

“I went along to a workshop where Local Land Services had arranged for a visiting professor to discuss the workings of a sheep’s stomach.  I’d seen plenty of sheep guts before in my life, but I’ve never had such a detailed explanation of how it works. It was a fascinating insight into the internal anatomy of the animal we make our living from.”

“I’ve also been particularly impressed by staff like Land Services Officers, Clare Edwards and Allan Wray, who always go to great lengths to help when you contact them seeking advice or information.”

“Clare does a great job.  Her Paddock Plants field days are incredibly informative and the Women in Productive Agriculture group that Clare has set up is a wonderful initiative.”

“There are 20 of us involved, from large scale farmers to smaller intensive operations, part time life styles, and sole operators. Each time there is an event, there will be several guest speakers talking about very interesting topics, and it’s also been a brilliant way to network with other people involved in agriculture.”

“We’ve hosted a pasture walk here on our property, Eccleston, which was organised by Clare, and we’ve taken part in a series of Prograze field days that Clare has run.  That gave us the chance to find out how other local farm businesses operate and We absorbed so much information from seeing what other people are doing.”

“We have also recently taken part in a fox baiting project coordinated by Local Land Services.  We hadn’t done any baiting for years so it was very helpful to have LLS organise and support this strategic effort with neighbouring properties in our district.”

Additionally Jilly Blanch has attended revegetation and tree planting field days organised by Allan Wray.

“Being involved with Local Land Services has made us more alert to issues such as ecosystem protection.  We have some areas of remnant vegetation that we’ve gradually been fencing off and we’re about to start work on a direct seeding project to plant trees and shrubs across a vegetation corridor on our property.”

“Taking part in field days which demonstrate different tree planting techniques are enormously helpful.  We have learnt so much.”

“Allan Wray is a constant source of advice and ideas.  He’s helped us to plan our revegetation work and to respond to other challenges on the property.”

The Blanchs have been working in partnership with Central Tablelands Local Land Services on a range of natural resource management projects, including fencing areas of native remnant vegetation and establishing revegetation corridors.

The work they have implemented on their property, ‘Eccleston’, will help protect and rehabilitate valuable native ecosystems, while enhancing landscape connectivity and wildlife habitat.

“We’ve found LLS staff to be very willing to have a conversation about issues on your place.  They are also really open to discussing ideas you might like to explore.”

“I’ve had a very positive relationship with LLS, and particularly with Clare Edwards and Allan Wray, and I’d recommend any local farmer who hasn’t previously worked with Local Land Services to give them a call and take advantage of the many services and activities they can offer.”

Central Tablelands Local Land Services works with local landholders to foster resilient communities in a productive, healthy landscape.

For more information about local workshops and events, or about the advice and assistance Local Land Services can offer to landholders, contact your nearest Central Tablelands office in Bathurst, Cowra, Lithgow, Molong, Mudgee or Orange.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439 608370