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Illegal firewood collecting on Travelling Stock Reserves under the spotlight

Central Tablelands Local Land Services is closely monitoring travelling stock reserves (TSRs) for illegal firewood collection.

Fines of up to $5,500 can apply to people caught carrying out illegal activity on TSRs under the Local Land Services Act 2013.

People using TSRs legally for activities including grazing, bushwalking and birdwatching are also being encouraged to report any suspicious activity.

Local Land Services is responsible for maintaining these public assets and protecting them from illegal activities, Central Tablelands Local Land Services Manager for Biosecurity and Emergency Services, Clare Hamilton said.

“We are closely watching a number of TSRs in our region and will be taking legal action against anyone found removing firewood, dumping rubbish and dirt bike riding,” Mrs Hamilton said.

Local Land Services can use surveillance cameras, staff inspections and public reports to identify and fine offenders.

“TSRs have grazing, social, ecological and cultural heritage value, and can be easily damaged through removing timber and other illegal activities.”

People can report any illegal activity to Local Land Services on 1300795299 or to their local police station.

“We encourage everyone to report suspicious behaviour on TSRs and to record as much detail as possible," Mrs Hamilton said.

“Information such as registration numbers, descriptions, locations and dates will help us fine those responsible.

“We encourage all users of TSRs to take steps to protect these valuable public assets.”

Special use permits are available from your Local Land Services Office for a range of non-destructive recreational activities. People can collect firewood from selected state forests with a firewood permit. For more information, visit

For more information on TSRs visit

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