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Grazing cereals for breakfast at Dunkeld

Producers and agronomists were treated to bacon & egg rolls at the dual-purpose cereal trail walk on James Stewart’s property at Dunkeld near Bathurst last Friday.

While cereals were not on the breakfast menu, their benefits to livestock operations on the Tablelands were discussed while walking through the different varieties.

Peter Matthews, NSW DPI Technical Specialist Grain Services, said that “many of these cereals are producing 4 tonne of dry matter per hectare which equates to roughly 400kgs of potential liveweight gain. Grain yield results for the trials will be available early next year,” explained Mr Matthews.

“With excellent livestock prices at present, the grain yield from these crops is often just the cream on top”, said Brett Littler, Senior Land Services Officer Livestock with Central Tablelands Local land Services.

With some producers looking to keep their own grain, Mr Littler added, “the main message to producers is to get a feed test on your grain. Once you get the results back, you may decide to sell your own grain and buy in something with a higher ME and Protein,” said Mr Littler.

The field day was well attended with a mix of local producers and agronomists, the organiser Phil Cranney, Senior Land Services Officer for Pastures with Central Tablelands Local land Services, was happy with the numbers.

Mr Cranney said that “with crutching, shearing and hay making in full swing on the Tablelands, it was great to see producers taking the time to spend half a day away from their business and looking at these trials. The feedback from today was very positive, so we plan to organise a day in June 2017, before the first grazing, to look at these same trials,” added Mr Cranney.

Stuart Tait has a mixed farming business at Mandurama, he said “I’ll be trialling a Spring sowing of Manning dual-purpose wheat this year, so I was keen to see how these other varieties stack up against the other long season wheats in this trial.”

Mr Tait will be hosting a pasture and fertiliser trial walk on his family owned farm, “Sunny Downs” at Mandurama on the 15 November.

For more information on how to get the best from your Livestock on crops or grain feeding, please call Brett Littler, Mudgee on 02 6378 1700.

For more information on pastures and how crops can be integrated into your system, please call Phil Cranney, Orange on 02 6363 7888 or Clare Edwards, Mudgee on 02 6378 1700.

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