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Dual-purpose cereals on trial at Bathurst

James Stewart’s property, “Mount Pleasant” at Dunkeld near Bathurst has generously hosted a GRDC Dual Purpose Cereal trial run by Peter Matthews, NSW DPI Technical Specialist Grain Services. Dual Purpose Wheat, Triticale, Barley and Oats are being evaluated on this site.

A trial walk is being held on Friday 4 November, commencing at 8:30am, with breakfast in the paddock and should finish around 10:30am. Speakers include:

  • Mr Peter Matthews, NSW DPI will discuss the trial results
  • Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Senior Land Services Officer Livestock, Brett Littler will talk about how you can best utilise these fodder crops for livestock production
  • Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Senior Land Services Officer Pastures, Clare Edwards will talk about the integration of dual-purpose cereals into a tablelands pasture rotation
  • Local commercial agronomists will also have the opportunity to discuss opportunities and issues that have affected local crops this year.

“This is a great opportunity for producers to see the varieties growing, before seeing the grain yield results. Reading data on a piece of paper is one thing, but actually seeing their bulk and growth habit in the paddock helps to put the picture together”, commented Mr Angus Pryse-Jones, Manager of Hill and Crofts at Blayney.

A contingent of Hill & Crofts customers is making the trip from Blayney in a bus to inspect the trial on Friday 4 November. Bacon & Egg rolls will be cooked and ready on arrival at 8:30am.

Peter Roberts, Technical Officer at NSW DPI said, “the site was chosen because of its different soil texture, high rainfall and undulating topography characteristics. This trial was planted early April, about two weeks earlier than the Cudal site.”

NSW DPI’s Mr Matthews and Mr Roberts work together on the GRDC funded project that will deliver independent analysis of these varieties throughout the eastern cropping belt.

“Many local landholders in the area have been concerned about the lack of research and independent analysis of fodder crops on the Central Tablelands.

This is a great opportunity to see local research in the paddock and is the last chance this year to inspect these dual-purpose trials, so don’t miss out”, said Mr Phil Cranney, Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Senior Land Services Officer Pastures.

If you wish to attend please RSVP for catering purposes to Phil Cranney on 0458 745 478 or email:

For information on how to get the best from your Livestock on crops or grain feeding, please call Brett Littler, Mudgee on 02 6378 1700.

For information on Pastures and how crops can be integrated into your system, please call Phil Cranney, Orange on 02 6363 7888 or Clare Edwards, Mudgee on 02 6378 1700.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439608370