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Dual purpose Canola under-utilised in the Blayney area

A good crowd of 50 local producers and agronomists attended the High Country Fodder options event in Blayney last Thursday.

CSIRO scientist Dr Susie Sprague, outlined her research findings on dual purpose Canola and wheat. While the experiments were conducted in the Goulburn and Greenethorpe districts, Dr Sprague said that “a local Millthorpe producer has adopted this research on farm. He had initially been growing Canola to reduce Silver Grass infestations. However, in the best years the Canola yielded up to 2.7t/Ha and was able to get over 3000 grazing days from the same crop.”

Central Tablelands Local Land Services Senior Land Services Officer for Pastures, Phil Cranney said that “annual grass weeds in crops and pastures, can be a real pain for the hip pocket, causing damage to a lamb carcass and wool contamination. Utilising a brassica for a grazing or dual-purpose crop, gives you so many more herbicide options. As well as the obvious grazing and grain benefit to your cash flow, dual purpose Canola can help clean up a paddock before sowing a perennial pasture. Reduced competition from these annual grass weeds is one of the keys to establishing a perennial pasture on the tablelands”.

Bob Stanbridge and Chris Roweth, both local sheep and cattle producers, spoke about how they used fodder crops in their livestock enterprises. Chris Roweth, also the local weeds officer with Upper Macquarie County Council, said that “there are some producers using fodder crops to control noxious weeds, such as Serrated Tussock, to great effect. The key is to control the fence lines, tracks and all non-cropped areas.”

Producers looking to grow fodder crops for the first time this year, should check with their local district vet to ensure that prevention measures are implemented well before grazing these crops. Brett Littler, Senior Land Services Officer Livestock, is also available to give advice on maximising livestock weight gain and reducing losses from such fodder crops.

For more information on pastures, please contact Phil Cranney on 02 63637888 or Clare Edwards on 02 63711709 02 6363 78For information on livestock, contact Brett Littler on 02 63781708

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