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$98,000 allocated to three year wild pig and dog control

Wild dog and pig control in the West Macquarie and Duramana areas north west of Bathurst have received a major boost from the Australian Government with a total of $98,770 allocated to feral pest management projects.

The funding will cover wild dog and pig control baiting programs and pest monitoring projects for the three years from 2017 to 2019, to be conducted by the West Macquarie and Duramana Wild Dog and Pig control groups with assistance from Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

Malcolm Healey from ‘Box Hill’ is the President of the Turon Wild Dog Group, and he’s hoping the funding will encourage more landholders to get involved in coordinated baiting campaigns.

“The only way we are really going to be effective in controlling feral pests like wild dogs and pigs, is if we get a critical mass of properties working together,” said Mr Healey. “With this grant helping to pay for the baits, hopefully that will give more landholders the incentive to take part.”

Local Land Services Senior Biosecurity Officer, Neville Collins, is overseeing the program and says planning has begun for next year’s autumn baiting campaign starting in May 2017.

“Landholders and other agencies such as Local Land Services are also contributing time and resources to this project which will bring the total value of the work involved to more than $238,000. This is going to be very beneficial in getting on top of a serious pest problem affecting both agriculture and native flora and fauna,” said Mr Collins.

“As well as supporting the annual autumn baiting campaign, the project will provide training in trapping methods and in the use of 1080 and Pindone chemicals for baiting.”

“Additionally, we’ll be purchasing cameras to monitor areas for new incursions prior to the development and commencement of the baiting program. The aim is to get more accurate information about the numbers and movement of pest species in a given area, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign after completion.”

The cameras will be distributed in strategic locations in the months prior to the autumn baiting campaign so that landholders can monitor feral pig and dog activity on their properties.

More than 50 landholders are expected to take part in the project in the Turondale-Duramana area, along with some 20 landholders in the West Macquarie region in the Lewis Ponds, Fremantle, and Gowan localities.

“Over the past three years, wild dog populations have established themselves in many parts of these regions that were previously considered dog free,” said Neville Collins.

“The extended dry season we experienced between 2015 and 2016 are believed to have further contributed to the migration of dogs into this area.”

“We have also observed increased sightings of feral pigs over the same period. The pig populations have been breeding up and causing more damage across a wider area.”

“The funding we have been allocated will help us gain control of escalating issues with wild dogs and pigs, and better equip landholders in the application of management techniques.”

The $98,770 in funding for the West Macquarie and Duramana Wild Dog and Pig Group is part of a total of $3 million dollars in financial assistance for pest and weed control in NSW currently being delivered by Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, the government’s plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

For more information about the West Macquarie and Duramana wild dog and pig control project Neville Collins at Central Tablelands Local Land Services on 0427 255 517.

Media enquiries: Kylie Krause | 0439608370