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Women in Ag group to form in Bathurst

Central Tablelands Local Land Services (LLS) is inviting women involved in Agriculture to join a new network group. The network will focus on investigating productive agricultural landscapes and pastures in the Bathurst area. 

"It is hoped that the group will explore what it means to operate in a productive landscape," said organiser Clare Edwards, Senior Land Services Officer - Pastures. 

"A number of women have expressed an interest in a group which investigates sustainable agricultural industries in the area. Women play an essential part in agricultural businesses in the Bathurst area."

"Central Tablelands LLS would like to support these women in strengthening their skills, knowledge and engagement in their pursuits in productive and sustainable agriculture."

"We are seeking expressions of interest from women to attend the inaugural get-together on Thursday 8 October in Bathurst. The meeting will start at 10.00am" 

Ms Edwards said that she was excited to have Ms Pip Job as the guest speaker for the initial meeting.
"We will hear about Pips experience as winner of the 2014 Rural Woman of the Year Award. She will also share her insights gained from the successes of the Little River Landcare's women's engagement programme."

The new group will also charter a plan of potential activities for the next twelve months. "I would like attending women to bring ideas of what it means to them to be in agriculture, as well as any topics that they would like to explore"

If you are interested in attending or participating in this group, please call Clare Edwards on 0428 435 615 or by email on
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