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Local Land Services rates set to go

Local Land Services has begun issuing rate notices for the 2015 year.

More than 130,000 rate notices will be issued across NSW in the coming weeks, raising approximately $31.5 million for communities across NSW.

The income generated from rates goes directly into the following services across the Central Tablelands region:

  • Pest control programs - wild dogs, foxes & feral pigs
  • Animal health advice – on farm veterinarian advice
  • Prevention and early detection of biosecurity threats
  • Administration and management of Travelling Stock Reserves
  • Emergency management assistance (drought / bushfires / floods / disease outbreak)

Local Land Service ratepayers are important investors in our business, contributing a state-wide average of 19 per cent of budgeted funding to Local Land Services to ensure that these important services are maintained for them.

Rates are used by Local Land Services to finance biosecurity services to landholders which include activities related to the control of declared pest animals and insects, the provision of animal health services, the administration of travelling stock reserves (TSRs), stock identification systems and emergency management assistance for drought and other natural disaster relief such as bushfires and floods.

Rates continue to be allocated to those areas they have historically funded.  In particular, rates fund 100% of biosecurity functions, providing insurance against pests, disease and maintaining vital market access for producers. 

Peter Sparkes, Central Tablelands LLS General Manager commented that, "During 2014, Biosecurity Officers across the Central Tablelands region, assisted over 1700 landholders with pest control programs on their properties and our District Veterinarians conducted 275 diagnoses and investigated 45 animal health breaches in 2014.

Rates dollars are used to help safeguard the industries that our landholders and communities rely upon. We are continually working to ensure our trading partners have the assurance that our agricultural products are disease and residue free".

In addition to rates, the NSW Government contributes funding for core functions and on-ground programs to support biodiversity, native vegetation, threatened species and Aboriginal cultural heritage.  The Australian Government also contributes funding to support sustainable agriculture as well as supporting the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of Australia's natural environment.

As a result, the contribution of each investor is leveraged multiple times so the rates our customers pay work harder for the health and profitability of their land and businesses.

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