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Tropical pastures in the Mudgee area

Landholders are invited to come along to the next Central Tablelands Local Land Services short seminar about tropical pastures in the Mudgee area. 

With introduced tropical pasture species having the ability to provide increased feed and higher water use efficiency during the summer months, they may have a significant role to play in the landscapes around the Mudgee area.

"There has been increased interest in tropical pastures and how they might improve quality and quantity for livestock production" said seminar organiser Clare Edwards. Ms Edwards is a Senior Lands Service Officer – Pastures with the Central Tablelands Local Land Services. 

"Tropical pastures may also have a role to play in conserving groundcover in the summer months".
The seminar will cover new varieties, understanding of how they grow and recent work on establishment. 

Brett Littler, Livestock Officer and Nigel Gillan, District Veterinarian, both from Central Tablelands Local Land Services, will also present information on animal production and animal health in relation to tropical pastures.

Tropical based pastures can add value to the feed year gaps, especially for adding significant bulk and making use of summer storms. They can also respond to late summer - early autumn rain before frosts appear. 

The seminar will also cover topics pertaining to issues around tropical limitations and how they might be addressed. 

The seminar is free and will be held at the on Thursday 20th November at the Strawbale Complex, AREC starting at 9.30am and finish with morning tea at 11.30am.

Producers are asked to RSVP. For further information or to RSVP please call Clare Edwards on 0428 435 615 or by email

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