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Lunch with legumes

Legumes are an important part of pastures in the Mudgee area. A short seminar and workshop on pasture legumes will be held on Thursday the 18th September at the strawbale complex, AREC starting at 10.30am. 

"This year we have seen in some pastures a massive amount of annual legumes germinate and persist" said seminar organiser Clare Edwards. Ms Edwards is a Senior Lands Service officer – pastures with the Central Tablelands Local Land Services.

"Legumes possess the unique ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. They are also important in pasture quality for livestock production", commented Ms Edwards.

The seminar will cover plant identification and information on rhiziobia. 

Brett Littler, a livestock officer and Nigel Gillan veterinarian, both from the Local Land Services, will be on hand to present information on animal production and animal health in relation to legumes.

The seminar will be followed with a hands-on inspection of annual legumes and assessment of nodulation. "Seminar attendees are asked to bring 3 – 4 legume plants to assess". Said Ms Edwards.
Ms Edwards suggests producers carefully dig up plants, without too much disturbance, with the soil and root systems attached. Samples can be transported in a bucket or ice cream container. "

We will take a small soil sample and wash the roots on the day to assess the amount of nodules and their health". 

The seminar will also cover topics pertaining to annual legumes such as why producers should consider hard seededness, which rhizobia species you should use, and common pasture legumes of the area.
The seminar is free and will finish with lunch at 1.00pm.

Producers are asked to RSVP and for further information please call Clare Edwards on 0428 435 615 or by email

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