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Mexican Feather Grass

December 2019

New incursion reported

Thanks to a community member with a keen eye for detail, we have been notified of a new incursion of the invasive introduced grass Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima) - a Prohibited Matter in NSW.

Together with Upper Macquarie County Council and Department of Primary Industries, we are working with the landholder to control and monitor this incursion of Mexican Feather Grass.

Mexican Feather Grass is a close relative of the invasive grasses Serrated Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass but is often found in ornamental gardens. It has often been incorrectly mislabelled and marketed as ‘elegant spear grass’, a name given to the native grass Austrostipa elegantissima.

Like Serrated Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass it is invasive, drought tolerant and unpalatable to stock.

With lots of grasses coming into seed and flower now - it's a good time for landholders to make themselves familiar with invasive weed grasses like Mexican Feather Grass, Serrated Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass.

Information on each of these species can be found on NSW WeedWise or if you require more help with identification of these grasses contact your local council weed officer, our pasture specialists Clare Edwards and Phil Cranney, or our weeds officer Marita Sydes.