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Bushfire - Plan and prepare

December 2019

With the heightened fire danger risk we are experiencing this summer, please take the time to ensure you have a fire plan, including one for your animals.

Taking action now can keep you, your family and animals safe and reduce impact on your property and business. We have prepared some tips and information that you may find useful.

We encourage everyone to:

  • Know the risk to you, your animals and property
  • Know where to go
  • Know who to call
  • Know your plan
  • Have an emergency kit for you and your animals
  • Prepare now to act early

We encourage people to download the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Fires Near Me app to their smart phone and turn on alerts as well as set up notification zones. If you already have this app, you may need to install the latest version. The NSW RFS Facebook page has information videos showing you how to set these up.

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation and facing evacuation and you have livestock or companion animals that you could take with you, please make sure cages, floats, etc, are prepared and on hand, and ensure you have feed for 3-7 days. Take the time to consider what alternative locations out of danger may be available to you to temporarily house and care for pets and companion animals – including boarding kennels, catteries, animal shelters, or friends/family.

Evacuation centres, if required, will be confirmed by emergency services.

If you have large numbers of livestock, think about which paddocks you’d move them into in an emergency – preferably a ploughed or bare paddock.

Click here for information and tips to help you prepare your animals for an emergency.

Click here for information about preparing your animal emergency plan.

NSW RFS list Neighbourhood Safer Places on their website. Take the time to locate a designated location close to you, note them in your fire plan as well as how to get there including alternate routes in case fire conditions cause a road to close or become too dangerous to drive on.

If a bushfire event occurs near you, seek further information by:

  • Listening to your ABC local radio station
  • Visiting the NSW RFS website
  • Calling the Bush Fire Information Line (1800 679 737)
  • Visiting the NSW RFS Facebook/Twitter pages

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation:

  • Follow instructions from emergency services
  • Call 000 if your life is at risk or you see a new fire
  • Only travel if absolutely necessary
  • Keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours - especially the elderly or less mobile