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Our board

The Central Tablelands LLS currently has a Board of six members, comprised of an Acting Chair, two local members ministerially appointed and three local members elected by stakeholders of the LLS.

The role of the Board is to help set the strategic direction for the organisation.

The Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson, NSW Minister for Primary Industries announced the Chairman and three inaugural appointed board members in the last quarter of 2013 and the three elected positions in March 2014.

The Board is a key resource for the Central Tablelands LLS, they bring with them strong connections to community and industry from right across the region. If you would like to talk to one of our Board members about a local issue or the direction of the LLS, please feel free to get in touch with them (contact details listed). They are here to ensure the Central Tablelands LLS is an effective, efficient and vibrant organisation, focused on delivering for the people of the region.

Ian Rogan (Acting Chair)

Phone: 0418 484 088

"We are enthusiastic about integrating environmental issues with practicality and passion for

Ian brings to the Board a range of skills and experience including a strong commitment to advancing agricultural and other industries in the region while considering the careful management of natural resources, Ian has a background in Rural and Natural Resource Management consultancy, local government and has worked to develop a 10 year plan for Regional Development Australia-Orana.

Ian and his family run a nursery and consulting firm from their home town of Millthorpe. Ian is very passionate about the community of the Central Tablelands and has dedicated many years to being an active contributor to improvement of Central NSW.

With experience in dealings with organisation such as Meat and Livestock Australia, Regional Development Australia, and private industry, Ian has built an extensive network of contacts and resources in his career.

With extensive experience on Boards including Catchment Boards and the Central West Catchment Management Authority, Ian is a valuable asset to the Central Tablelands LLS and its stakeholders.

Bruce Gordon

Phone: 0427 663 324

"A successful Central Tablelands LLS will provide advocacy and leadership for the rural community…"

Bruce brings to his position as director, a keen enthusiasm to serve the communities of the Central Tablelands and Rural NSW. With experience in land management, sustainable agricultural business, corporate governance and compliance, Bruce will be a strong asset to the Central Tableland LLS.

As a mainstream producer with a commitment to sustainability Bruce will provide a balanced perspective to the new Board. With a long history of community service focused mainly on industry related organisations including NSW Farmers, the Poll Hereford Society, the Simmental Society, the Beef Improvement Association and numerous Landcare groups, Bruce has a diverse network of connections across the region.

Bruce has recently been a Director of the Central Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority and acted as the Vice Chair of the Compliance Committee at the time.

Bruce and his family currently operate Oatleigh Pastoral Company outside Blayney.

Pippinella (Pip) Job

Phone: 0428 168 240

"The more I look, the more I believe the LLS model will work…"

Passionate about agriculture and in particular, the need for agriculture and natural resource management to be integrated to create a sustainable future for generations to come, Pip has dedicated her life to make this passion a reality.

As CEO of the Little River Landcare Group at Yeoval, she specialises in agricultural and natural resource management education and project delivery. Chair of the Central West NRM Working Group and an executive committee member of Landcare NSW Inc, Pip also holds an Advanced Diploma in Agriculture, a Diploma in Community Coordination and Facilitation and a Diploma in Holistic Management.

A beef cattle breeder who uses the principles of managing holistically to improve the environment, generate profit and create opportunities for her family and community, Pip also holds the position of secretary of the NSW Shorthorn Ladies branch and Chief Steward of the Cumnock Show Cattle section.

Pip has 15 years of business management experience, a deep understanding of rural communities and is experienced in managing agricultural complexities such as livestock health, climate variability, market fluctuations and the marketing of livestock.

Pip is a representative on the Central Tablelands Local Land Services Natural Resource Management Advisory Group.

Reg Kidd

Phone: 0407 892 614

"We guarantee we are totally committed to this, we are going to hit the ground running…we believe in walking the talk…"

A farmer, communicator, educator and agricultural consultant in the Orange region, Reg brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the Board. Reg has worked as a councillor and conservationist and has been involved in natural resource management for many years.

Reg is former Orange City Council Mayor. He has a Bachelor of Science (Ag) and a Masters in Education Administration and a strong passion for the culture and community of the Central Tablelands region.

With experience in a number of committees and boards, including those with a natural resource focus, Reg has strong governance and strategic thinking skills. Some of the boards Reg has worked on include the Central West Salinity Alliance of 32 Councils, NSW Landcare Advisory Committee, NSW Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee and NSW State Management Committee.

Reg was a member of the Central West Catchment Management Board which developed the Catchment Blueprint and has a vast knowledge of the natural resources issues facing the Central Tablelands region.

Reg is the Local Government Community and Natural Resource Management Community Advisory Group representative on the Board and is also an avid gardener and radio presenter.

John Lowe

Phone: 0427 111 133

"We will work to help landholders manage for long term sustainability whist recognising the needs of a viable business…"

Manager of the sheep and cattle production enterprise 'Lowther Park', John has the relevant local experience and
connection in the eastern region of the Central Tablelands to make him an extremely important asset to the LLS.

John is passionate about representing the concerns and interests of farmers across the region and recognises the diverse nature of the Central Tablelands. John believes it is crucial that the LLS and producers work hand in hand to manage threats to farm production and the environment effectively and efficiently.

John has represented the Oberon and Lithgow regions in the past in his position on the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority Board and has worked with groups such as the Coxs River Catchment Management Committee and the Hampton/Hazelgrove Wild Dog Group.

John will work to ensure his communities interests and those of the Central Tablelands community are a focus for the Central Tablelands LLS.

John Seaman

Phone: 0429 372 471

"I will do my utmost to ensure that LLS provides a quality service to its ratepayers and

A primary producer in the Perthville and Evans Plains regions for all his working life, John brings to the Board an extremely strong connection to the producers of the Central Tablelands. Johns experience extends from sheep and Cattle production, to natural resource management and the operation of a broad range of agricultural ventures.

John is a passionate advocate for the provision of services to ensure the vibrancy of the Central Tablelands and its producers. He has worked on many boards and committees including the NSW Game Council, Livestock Contractors Association, Ovine Johnes Advisory Committee and was recently the Chairman of the Central Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority.

As author of the Rural Notebook, published in Bathurst, Blayney and Oberon newspapers, John has a well-founded respect from the communities of the Central Tablelands, as a voice for community and industry alike.