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Agricultural Industry Advisory Group

Agriculture Industry Advisory Group

The Central Tablelands Agriculture Industry Advisory Group has been established to represent the agriculture sector views and provide advice to the Central Tablelands Local Land Services Board.

Selection was based on the following criteria:

  • ability to communicate a viewpoint and provide considered feedback;
  • demonstrate an understanding of one or more agricultural industry and the related matters concerning the customers of Central Tablelands Local Land Services;
  • demonstrate an understanding of future trends and contemporary issues effecting the rural and regional communities;
  • integrity to respect the confidentiality agreements of the group;
  • integrity to identify and disclose conflicts of interest;
  • ability to work in a team; and
  • respect for Central Tablelands Local Land Services responsibility to operate its business while balancing numerous drivers within statutory constraints.

Group members

Mitchell Clapham – Ilford

Mitchell has 30 years' experience as a grazier running beef and dairy cattle, sheep and wool production and currently trades steers. Mitchell has represented farmers on NSW Farmers at local and district levels for 30 years - the last two years as executive councillor on NSW Farmers Association, serving as chairman of the Conservation and Resource Management Committee.

Grahame Edgell – Sodwalls

Grahame has been a grazier for 20 years. He holds Cattle Care accreditation and supplies EU and MSA accredited cattle paddock to plate. Grahame has completed various industry courses and has a sound knowledge of the Australian beef industry. He is also a member of NSW Farmers, MLA and Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society.

Colin Seis – Gulgong

Colin is a life-long farmer who runs a grazing and cropping enterprise with fine wool merinos. He was pivotal in developing the conservation farming methods of 'Pasture Cropping', grazing techniques and general land management. Colin also offers his services as a consultant.

Colin has been recognised for his work in land management through several awards including Central West Conservation Farmer of the Year, the National Carbon Farmer of the Year, the Australian Green Agriculture and Innovation Award and the National Bob Hawke Landcare Award.

Mal Porter – Yetholme

Malcolm is a third generation beekeeper with around 800 hives. He has a full-time beekeeper since 1994. He is currently the President of the Central Tablelands Apiary Association branch of NSWAA. This is a position he has held for the past 10 years. He has served four years as a councillor on the Executive Council of the NSW Apiarist Association.

Michael Southan – Woodstock

Michael has over 20 years grains research experience and is currently an employee of Grain Growers Ltd. He runs a mixed farm near Woodstock.  Michael wants the AIAG to help get research outcomes to people on the ground and to share the benefits of his networks and expertise.

Jim Dellow – Spring Creek

Jim runs a fine wool merino and cross bred lambs enterprise in Spring Creek near Orange. He was the District Agronomist at Bathurst for 15 years and the Weeds Agronomist at Orange for 20 years. Jim would like to see the a focus on pastures and weeds and wants the AIAG to represent local landholders.

Wendy Bowman – Cargo

Wendy runs a self-replacing commercial Angus herd joining 350 cows to Angus sires and 150 heifers to Wagyu sires on her family owned property at Canowindra. Wendy also farms with her husband Rob at Cargo, producing prime lambs, wheat and canola. She believes the AIAG is a link between people on-ground and government and would like to see money spent in areas where it will have the most benefit.

Malcom Roth – Mudgee

Malcom runs a viticulture operation as well as sheep and cattle in Mudgee. He is a registered seed grower and is the former chairman of Mudgee LHPA. Malcom believes that we need to work with people to be successful in this environment.

Peter West – Orange

Peter is an orchardist from Orange growing apples and cherries. He is the Chairman of NSW Farmers Horticultural Branch - Orange. Peter hopes the LLS can provide extension services for the horticulture industry and can help fill the communication gaps between the three levels of government.

Lachie MacSmith – Cudal

Lachie is the Deputy Mayor for Cabonne Council. He has his own property and runs cattle, wool, prime lambs, cropping and hay production. Lachie believes that we need to engage young proactive consultants and landholders and delivery of information needs to be face-to-face.

Robert McLeod – Bathurst

Rob is a fodder and sheep farmer from the Bathurst region. He is involved in the Bathurst Merino Association. Rob believes we need to re-engage farmers and get them interested in what we're doing.

Amy Gullifer – Bathurst

Amy is a recent law graduate and is now a solicitor in Bathurst. She is actively involved in Landcare and agricultural shows and is a grazier herself. Amy is a member of Agricultural Societies Council Next Generation with a focus on public engagement in agriculture as a whole.

Tim Wright – Eugowra

Tim is a partner in a cropping and beef cattle enterprise. He is also an agronomist with Ag-N-Vet Services – with a mixed farming focus and an interest in broadacre irrigation.  Tim wants to see Local Land Services staff become confident and skilled in delivering independent advice. As a local agency he would like to see us supporting farmers in the process of seeking on-farm solutions to issues relating to all levels of their business.

Hamish Drury – Gulgong

Hamish runs a sheep and fodder operation in the Gulgong district. He owns and operates over 5,000 acres producing and trading around 12,000 prime lambs. He also produces medium wool. In addition, Hamish has over 24 years in fodder production. He produces and supplies his own fodder and sells to farmers NSW-wide.

More information

Julie Reynolds
Phone: 0418 150 167