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Community Advisory Groups


Regional Local Community Advisory Groups have been established to provide advice to our Boards on activities and programs focused on community engagement.

They look at the effectiveness of Local Land Services' engagement with the community and address specific issues at the request of our Boards.

Local Community Advisory Groups are a legislative requirement to ensure we are meeting our community's needs.

Central Tablelands Advisory Groups

The Central Tablelands Advisory Groups are in the process of being established to represent community and industry views from across the region and provide advice to the Central Tablelands Local Land Services Board.

These groups provide the opportunity for Central Tablelands Local Land Services to gain valuable and practical input from members of the Central Tablelands community, across a broad range of issues.

Purpose of the Advisory Groups:
  • provide input into the development of regional strategic plans
  • seek input from the group during project planning and development phases
  • seek input from the group on the range of services to be provided
  • provide a forum for focused and sustained discussion
  • provide a conduit between the Board of Central Tablelands Local Land Services and the community on the issues that need to be addressed by Central Tablelands Local Land Services
  • seek input about the issues important to the community.

The Central Tablelands Board has agreed to the formation and support of the following groups across the region:

Agriculture Industry Advisory Group

Aboriginal Network

Local Government Reference Group

Natural Resource Management Community Advisory Group & Regional Landcare Network

More information

Richard Carter
Phone: 02 6363 7870

Agriculture Industry Advisory Group

The Central Tablelands Agriculture Industry Advisory Group has been established to represent the agriculture sector views and provide advice to the Central Tablelands Local Land Services Board.

Selection was based on the following criteria:

  • ability to communicate a viewpoint and provide considered feedback
  • demonstrate an understanding of one or more agricultural industry and the related matters concerning the customers of Central Tablelands Local Land Services
  • demonstrate an understanding of future trends and contemporary issues effecting the rural and regional communities
  • integrity to respect the confidentiality agreements of the group
  • integrity to identify and disclose conflicts of interest
  • ability to work in a team
  • respect for Central Tablelands Local Land Services responsibility to operate its business while balancing numerous drivers within statutory constraints.
Network sub regions

Due to the varying landscape and agricultural interests across the region the Agriculture Industry Advisory Group (above) will be supported by three regional network groups, which will represent each of the areas below:

  • Mudgee sub-region
  • Bathurst sub-region (including Orange, Lithgow and Oberon)
  • Canowindra sub-region (including Cowra, Molong and Yeoval)
More information

Julie Reynolds
Phone: 0418 150 167

Aboriginal Network

Aboriginal community members with a strong interest in caring for country are invited to attend Aboriginal Network Group meetings. These are held bi-monthly in the following places:

  • Cowra
  • Lithgow
  • Orange
  • Mudgee
  • Bathurst

The group provides advice to Central Tablelands LLS on:

  • incorporation of Aboriginal cultural heritage into service delivery
  • consideration of strategic planning priorities for Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • acknowledgement of traditional ownership and traditional cultural practices.
More information

Michelle Hines
Phone: 02 6341 9304

Local Government Network

The Local Government Network, in particular the 17 Councils of the Salinity & Water Quality Alliance, maintains ongoing formal and constructive relationships between the Councils and Central Tablelands and Central West Local Land Services.

The purpose of this network is to :

  • ensure the proper management of natural resources in the social, economic, environmental interests and cultural condition of this region of the State
  • assist, where possible, in the maintenance of biosecurity
  • ensure there is a strategic and long term approach to natural resource management and biosecurity management
  • ensure cooperative planning and on-ground coordination.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services recognises the importance of local government in the management of natural resources as a planner, manager and local community leader.

The formal recognition of this collaboration is through the Salinity & Water Quality Alliance Local Government Reference Group which meets quarterly across the region to exchange information, discuss and plan future activities, such as capacity building events, and joint external funding opportunities.

These actions are captured in the Alliance Five Year Plan which supports the outcomes in both the Local Land Services and councils' strategic plans.

More information

Mick Callan
Phone: 02 6333 2323

Natural Resource Management Community Advisory Group and Regional Landcare Network

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services engages with the Natural Resource Management community via two formal groups - the Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network and the Natural Resource Management Community Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group fosters engagement with communities and community groups while focusing on providing strategic input from the community to the Board, ensuring regional community focused natural resource management values are included in relevant aspects of Local Land Services’ business and planning.

Hunter White from Mudgee has been elected as group chair by his Advisory Group colleagues: Andrew Kennedy from Orange; Cameron Wild from Molong; Cilla Kinross from Orange; Don Bruce from Cumnock; Lis Arundell from Orange; Scott Hickman from Woodstock; and Tamara Harris from Orange.

The Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network represents Landcare and community groups involved in natural resource management. There are more than 60 Landcare groups across the Central Tablelands region and five Landcare networks.

The Regional Landcare network consists of:

The Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network assists with regional strategic plans, partnerships and implementation of on-ground works.

Meetings provide the following opportunities:

  • to learn about programs in the region
  • to learn from each other
  • building partnerships
  • capacity building.

More information

Natural Resource Management Community Advisory Group:

Richard Carter
Manager NRM & Ag Services
Phone: 02 6363 7875

Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network:

Liz Davis
Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Facilitator
Phone: 02 6363 7872