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2016 Grants and funding program

Applications are now closed.

Applications for this program closed on 26 August 2016.

About the funding

Supporting land managers and communities with improving and managing the health of our landscapes. Working together to build resilient communities in productive landscapes.

Funding and grants will be provided for the following projects:

  • Ecosystem improvement project
  • Property planning project
  • Enhancing native grasslands
  • Blue Mountains biodiversity project
  • Protecting Aboriginal places
  • Stock management areas - improving groundcover
  • Landcare small grants
  • Local Government - protecting ecosystems project

These projects are provided by Central Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Programme and Catchment Action NSW.

Ecosystem improvement project

The Ecosystem Improvement Project is providing incentive funding and technical support for:

  • fencing remnant, riparian and revegetation sites to control stock access
  • installation of alternative stock watering points
  • planting to enhance native diversity of remnant and riparian areas
  • revegetation corridors using native tubestock or direct seeding
  • weed and pest animal control where stock are excluded from the project area.

Download the information sheet here (PDF, 506KB)

Map of priority areas

More information: Bruce Christie: phone 6378 1712

Property management planning

Providing landholders, land managers and rural employees the opportunity to develop a Farm Management Plan for any property located within the Central Tablelands Local Land Services region.

Download the information sheet (PDF, 966KB)

More information: Peter Evans: phone 6350 3111

Enhancing native grasslands project

The Enhancing Native Grasslands project is assisting land managers to improve the extent and condition of native grasslands and priority grassy woodlands across the Central Tablelands Local Land Services region.

Landholders are fencing off or subdividing areas to protect and improve grazing management and native plant regeneration and growth.

Download the information sheet (PDF, 555KB)

More information: Tim Nalder: phone 6363 7873

Blue Mountains Biodiversity project

The Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project is providing funding and advice to landowners within the project area for:

  • controlling invasive environmental weeds
  • fencing streams, existing native vegetation and revegetation sites to control stock access
  • installation of alternative stock watering points
  • planting or direct seeding native trees and shrubs
  • site preparation and maintenance of plantings

Download the Information sheet (PDF, 1,211KB)

More information: Huw Evans: phone 6350 3117

Protecting Aboriginal places

On-ground activities that foster traditional knowledge and practises to manage land and improve the natural resources such as:

  • Protection of Aboriginal sites
  • Weed and pest control for culturally important natural areas
  • Revegetation and support of regeneration of native and culturally important plants
  • Restoration of habitat features for cultural values
  • Leadership, capacity and tools to manage Aboriginal lands and sites by Aboriginal communities
  • Case studies, video, multimedia and online materials

Download the information sheet (PDF, 585KB)

More information: Larry Towney: phone 63637863

Stock management areas - improving groundcover

Construction of controlled stock management areas.

Funding will be provided for:

  • Water troughs, tanks, pipe and fittings,
  • fencing materials,
  • feeders,
  • shade cloth, trees,
  • fodder storage infrastructure,
  • sediment and effluent control banks and storage.

Download the information sheet (PDF, 622KB)

More information: Peter Evans: phone: 6350 3111

Landcare small grants

Biodiversity awareness raising events, enhancing habitat for threatened species through pest management and linking habitat via corridors through tree planting.

Activities include:

  • Revegetation using native tubestock
  • Fencing remnant, riparian and revegetation sites to control stock access
  • Awareness raising events with a biodiversity focus
  • Enhancement / rehabilitation of native vegetation
  • Empowerment and capacity building within small groups

Download the information sheet (PDF, 953KB)

More information: Clare Kerr. phone: 6333 2319

Local Government - protecting ecosystems

Assisting Councils throughout the Central Tablelands to protect and enhance our natural environment through the delivery of projects that exhibit best management practice and innovative solutions to existing issues.

Focus areas include:

  • Riparian restoration that achieves habitat linkages and/or connectivity for listed threatened species
  • Revegetation works that engage the community and volunteers
  • Environmental rehabilitation works to improve habitat for the iconic Koala while also raising awareness of the threats to this species
  • Habitat creation for threatened and migratory bird species through the management of stormwater

Download the information sheet (PDF, 621KB)

More information: Mick Callan, phone: 6333 2323