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TSR Update - July 2015

Central Tablelands LLS staff members have been working on the extensive Travelling Stock Reserves network.

Central Tablelands LLS has 420 TSRs made up of land parcels of varying sizes. 

Activities have included;

  • woody weed removal (goat willow, hawthorns, cotoneaster, firethorn etc)
  • spraying (blackberry, St Johns Wort, briar)
  • pest management (harbour destruction, baiting)
  • fencing, signage
  • vegetation planting and erosion control

Farmers, council workers, environmentalists and community representatives contributed greatly to the success of two field days held at Heifer Station Creek TSR (near Orange) and Cullenbone TSR (on the Cudgegong near Mudgee).  

Expert staff from Central Tablelands LLS contributed with advice on pest and weed management, cultural/historical value, vegetation management, grazing value and identification of grasses.

Staff have reported that the TSR management activities have encouraged surrounding landholders to enquire about participating and to carry out land management activities. 

A state wide plan is being developed regarding the way forward for Travelling Stock Reserves.